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Re: default mail client

Kevin Kofler wrote:
KMail in kdepim 4.1 will support composing and sending HTML mail.
   And replying without mangling too ? Great.
   I'm delighted to hear kmail is slowly moving toward being more usable.

Unfortunately. HTML mail is a plague infecting the Internet. http://expita.com/nomime.html By the way, IMHO, the attachment solution is also a bad solution, the best solution is approximating the table with ASCII art.
I cannot agree with you on this Kevin - the reality is that we (well some of us) need to interact with other email users in the business world - many of whom use structured email - a table sent to me for my approval - is easiest for all if I simply reply and type approved in the appropriate column - mimicking this with ascii art is a little silly and would make the original sender unhappy and annoy me and take a lot of unnecessary time duplicating it and ascii art will not have the structure of a table - no boxes etc.

Also you must remember frequently small lists are mailed thru to several ppl - each making a small addition or mod - ascii art is a mess in that too.

Frankly, most of the now ancient arguments against HTMLseem contrived in a world of unlimited gmail storage and high speed internet and often just dont apply anymore - while its true that there is a place for text mail (mail lists, being sensitive to those who have slow connections etc) it is equally true there is a place for html mail (business, never mind making it pretty for personal reasons!) - arguing that there is only one right way is just .. well .. sillly.

Its just a reality - it has use whether we consider it a plague or not. Its like blu-ray - you may prefer HD-DVD or 8mm film clips but shud you want to rent dvd movies from blockbuster well .. those wont help ya! Reality is something we have to deal with .. some of us anyway!

Of all the email programs - html aside - kmail blows away most of the others.


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