Where are the CD ISO's? (fwd)

John Reiser jreiser at BitWagon.com
Tue Jan 15 20:59:26 UTC 2008

> # yum install livecd-tools
> # livecd-iso-to-disk <isofile> <devicename>

Please improve the documentation by giving a literal example
of <devicename>, and explain.

Is it, for instance:
   # livecd-iso-to-disk Fedora-9-i386-DVD.iso /dev/sde
where <devicename> is the entire device (in this case the
fifth device ['e'] which uses the "SCSI" driver),
or should it be instead
   # livecd-iso-to-disk Fedora-9-i386-DVD.iso /dev/sde1
where <devicename> is a DOS-style partition on the device?
Or can both of these work in some cases, and how can you tell?
Which one should you try first, and why?  [I really don't know!]

There are enough BIOS with quirks and bugs in booting from USB
that any extra uncertainty is an excessive burden on users.


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