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Re: f8 gripe#2: why did f8's pm-hibernate regress?

Till Maas wrote:
On Mi Januar 2 2008, Douglas McClendon wrote:
Can someone tell me if there is anything I can do to de-regress f8's

pm-utils hibernation code does not differ much between f7 and f8.

My analysis is pure speculation based on my understanding of how you can
tune that behaviour with suspend2(tux-on-ice).  But it is very noticable
and very annoying and very clearly a f7->f8 change.

I guess it is then a change in the kernel, but afaik the f7 and f8 kernel are very similiar, too.

Again, mainly I posted this to see if anyone else is noticing the same thing.

Basic behavior: I keep several main apps open in multiple desktops, often hotkey switching between desktops. First thing I do on resume is often cycle through my desktops (thunderbird, firefox, gnome-terminal, rhythmbox....).

In F7, cycling would be as responsive after resume as immediately prior. Now with F8, it thrashes reading from disk for a couple seconds between each desktop/application switch. Very gross.

And suspend2(tux-on-ice) does have an explicit config variable you can tune, if you actually want to optimize for hibernation speed rather than post-resume performance. So my reaction was that the non-user-tweakable version in fedora's suspend1 must have changed from f7-f8. Yes, kernel. But I figure I'd gripe here since I was in the mood to gripe. I'm still hoping I can get someone else here to confirm/deny the significant change in behavior, and better yet explain, and better yet, explain how to revert.


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