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Re: f8 gripe #3: infamous Load_Cycle_Count started hitting my laptop, FAQ?

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
On 02.01.2008 08:38, Richard Hughes wrote:
On Tue, 2008-01-01 at 18:51 -0600, Douglas McClendon wrote:
Quite simply, what is the prescribed way for me to run 'hdparm -B 254 /dev/sda' upon resume from suspend and hibernate? (or a better solution than that).

/me runs '/sbin/hdparm -B 255 /dev/sda' to disable PM for the hard disk
completely, as the hard disk enters PM every few seconds otherwise and
wakes up from it just a moment after

Well, the standard solution is a pm-utils resume script, but why do you
need to run hdparm manually?

What about bootup?

bootup was the easy part for me (rc.local), I needed some help finding the right hooks for post-resume.

This is because, as I just verified, the setting is lost during pm-hibernate.

Why this didn't seem to hit me before f7->f8, I'm at a loss.

And what is about a real solution that "just works"? My current view on
the whole problem is this:

1. there are some laptops out there (including my Dell Latitude D630)
that have a very aggressive default setting for hard disk power
management set from the BIOS by default
2. the kernel doesn't touch the PM setting for the hard disk
3. Fedora doesn't touch the PM setting for the hard disk

Something changed in fedora and/or kernel within the last 6 months. When the ubuntu brouhaha flared up, I checked, and though seeing a high number (100,000), it was not increasing at an unreasonable rate. I checked several times across a span of weeks. All of a sudden after I upgraded to f8 (and with vista in between for a couple days) I ran into the issue, as described.

4. we don't care much about hard disk power management -- there are a
lot of things written to disk (journal flushed, log files, ...) every
few seconds
5. in combination with the aggressive BIOS default (one iirc can't
modify in the BIOS Setup) that leads to a bad behavior, as the hard disk
loads and unloads its heads very very often

Correct, on my vaio vgn-n250e, the bios has none of the typical workstation PM settings. Dumbed down just the way I like it (really, until something like this happens)

If the above is correct I'd say the best default for Fedora due to 4.
and 1. (and it's effects in 5.) would be to disable hard disk power
management completely by default if that doesn't do any hard to systems
that don't fall in category "1.".

That sounds good to me for the timebeing. Of course I used to have a different laptop with a noisy drive, which I liked to leave powered on, and somehow got set up so that it would actually be spun down 95% of the time when idle. (so that it wouldn't drive me crazy when trying to sleep within earshot of it)

Sigh... Maybe one answer is just wait for solid state to replace everything....


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