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Re: common-lisp-controller for Fedora

On Wed, 2007-11-07 at 16:55 -0800, Anthony Green wrote:
> I've created a draft Feature page on the wiki to copy Debian's 
> common-lisp-controller package and methodology for installing Common 
> Lisp implementations and libraries.
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/CommonLispController
> This will require changes to all common lisp implementations in Fedora, 
> so I'm looking for support from those packagers (some of whom are on copy).

I would still like to do this, but haven't heard from any of the lisp
package maintainers (rdieter and gemi).  Did you guys see this thread?



> Also, this is not something I can do on my own.  I'm hoping there are 
> like-minded people out there that are interesting in making Fedora a 
> great platform for deploying Lisp based infrastructure.  So, are there 
> any willing to help over the next 6 months?
> Thanks!
> AG
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