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Re: GPG Keysigning at FUDCon

Matt Domsch said the following on 12/12/2007 01:40 PM Pacific Time:
I'm volunteering to run a GPG keysigning party at the FUDCon in
Raleigh in January.  Keysignings are good ways to get to meet people
face-to-face (with a government-issued photo ID to boot!), and serves
to extend the GPG Web of Trust.


for details on how to send me your keys beforehand.


My key has expired and it is also associated with my Fedora account which raises a few questions to get straightened out before FUDCon:

1) Do I need to revoke my expired key? I'm not even sure if this can be done or matters.

2) Once I generate a new key, I assume I should add its fingerprint to my Fedora account--removing the existing one?

3) Do most people create keys that expire or is it okay to create one that does not?


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