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Re: GPG Keysigning at FUDCon

Matt Domsch wrote:
> I'm volunteering to run a GPG keysigning party at the FUDCon in
> Raleigh in January.

And thank you for that Matt.  It should be fun.

> Keysignings are good ways to get to meet people face-to-face (with a
> government-issued photo ID to boot!), and serves to extend the GPG
> Web of Trust.
> http://barcamp.org/FUDConRaleigh2008
> for details on how to send me your keys beforehand.

Do you want folks to send you their keys or just their key info (the
output of gpg --fingerprint)?  The wiki says send your key, but the
command used won't send the key, just the key info.

If you haven't seen it before, I'd recommend giving a look at the
"Efficient Group Key Signing Method" by Len Sassaman and Phil
Zimmermann, documented at http://sion.quickie.net/keysigning.txt

It cuts a lot of the tediousness out of a key signing involving more
than just a few people.

I'd be glad to offer any help you might want in preparing for this.
I've only helped organize a few key signings, but I've been using and
following PGP for what seems like ages. :)

Todd        OpenPGP -> KeyID: 0xBEAF0CE3 | URL: www.pobox.com/~tmz/pgp
For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the
quality of life, please press three.
    -- Alice Kahn, writer

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