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Re: f8 gripe#2: why did f8's pm-hibernate regress?

Douglas McClendon wrote:

[ pro-tux-on-ice rant snipped ]

might be time for me to go back to tux-on-ice. I truly am disgusted by having to suffer through 5-15 seconds of thrashing while changing desktops after resume. I would much rather the resume take 20 seconds longer, and present me with a good user experience. (yes, I am one of those people that thinks that offering early login while the system finishes booting is a really stupid thing).

To clarify this harsh, theoretically offensive statement- Early login done _right_ would be fine. Doing it the incomplete way, such as the vista experience, is IMO a regression, not a feature. I.e. it boggles my mind that fast boot-to-login time is perceived as so valuable, that the implementers will let a user's first experience with the system be at its absolute valley(anti-peak) responsiveness phase.

I guess for early login this isn't so bad, as people just learn that the fast boot time is an illusion and that it's better to sit back and let the system IO settle before using it. But what started my rant was the swsusp choice, which is not workaroundable by just letting the system IO settle.

and the 5-15 seconds was a bit of an exageration, more like 5-10. But still, evocative of winblowz 3.1 swap thrashing....



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