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Re: Another selinux rant

On Thu, 3 Jan 2008 13:29:18 -0800 "Ed Swierk" wrote:

> Since someone asked, here's my little SELinux rant:

[ ...rant truncated... :-) ]
> For me learning SELinux seems as pointless as trying to remember
> iptables commands, or AFS trivia back when I was a student--all cause
> me trouble just infrequently enough to ensure I have to relearn them
> from scratch every time. If I were a full-time sysadmin of course it
> would be a different story, but I really don't have the brain cycles
> to remember anything more complicated than chmod and chown, and I
> suspect a large number of accidental sysadmins feel the same.

I run into similar problems every time I've tried to enable SELinux.  I
now run it in "permissive" mode on most of my machines and watch the
occasional warnings appear in /var/log/messages.

But I think the situation is improving since I'm seeing fewer warnings
in F8 than with F7 or FC6.  And you can install the "sealert" packages:


which provide much more detailed and helpful diagnostic messages.


Edward H. Hill III, PhD  |  ed eh3 com  |  http://eh3.com/

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