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xulrunner feature (was Re: Fedora 9 Feature Status)

>>>>> "TM" == Till Maas  writes:


>> Nope.  It hasn't been updated since August 2007 doesn't follow the
>> current feature template.

TM> The last update was 2007-11-12 according to
TM> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/FeatureEncryptedFilesystems?action=info

TM> Only the date written on the page itself was not updated. Afaik
TM> this feature is already available in rawhide btw.

It's similar with xulrunner (updated 2007-12-31):


It appears to have been removed as a Fedora 9 feature, but the feature
is already in rawhide.  One missing item that doesn't conform to the
template is that there doesn't appear to be a contingency plan, but it
would be very difficult to back out the feature now as many packages
have been rebuilt against xulrunner already and the old firefox-devel
package has been removed.

This feature should probably be reinstated.


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