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Re: Disabling selinux question

On Thu, 3 Jan 2008, John Dennis wrote:

auditd is the general auditing facility, SELinux messages are just one of the possible auditing messages.

But on a Fedora default install SELinux is the only thing using and requiring it, right?

setroubleshootd is a diagnostic tool. If SELinux is completely disabled the daemon exits if started.

OK, should it have "# hide: true" in /etc/init.d/setroubleshootd so it doesn't even turn up in system-config-services?

Allowing the daemon to decide if it should run or exit is more robust than some utility which thinks it knows if something should be chkconfig'ed on or not because it will almost certainly get that answer wrong.

Then all these smart daemons should have "# hide : true" in their respective /etc/init.d/foo script so avoid being managed by the smart utility system-config-services, am I right?


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