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Re: libnl update to 1.0-pre8

On Friday 04 January 2008 11:05:03 am Dan Williams wrote:
> Hi,
> For various reasons (kernel 2.6.24 compatibility, memory leaks,
> knetworkmanager wants it, etc) I'm going to push libnl 1.0-pre8 to F-8.
> It's unfortunately got some API/ABI changes the require rebuilds and
> possibly source patches for packages that link to it.  I'm just starting
> the process of rebuilding the stuff that I own, and the only other user
> that I could identify via repoquery was dhcp/libdhcp, for which I've
> coordinated with dcantrell on.  Just a heads-up; I don't think anyone
> besides NetworkManager and libdhcp are affected though.
> Dan


knetworkmanger needs a libnl update in F-7 not F-8  there is still no 
knetworkmanager for F-8   last i heard it was somewhat working  but the 
maintainer ported to a different set of dbus bindings.


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