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Re: Control center idea

I knew it! Problem solved then, we can make a program that doesn't go through 
the applications as steps (like anaconda does), instead it allows the user to 
choose from, say, a narrow menu on the left and shows the apps in the 
remaining area of the window...

What do you think of that?

On Friday 04 January 2008 17:57:54 Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Laith Juwaidah wrote:
> > I suggested this many times before (probably two times :P), but no one
> > seamed excited about it, so I abandoned the idea, but now that people
> > are interested I might work on it...
> > It'll be a good way to learn python :)
> > Just one question, anaconda has screens that look like some other
> > configuration tools (pirut, selinux configuration, root password, etc),
> > does it kinda call those apps or are they included in it?
> > Thanks :)
> It calls the apps.
> Rahul

Laith Juwaidah

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