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mock 0.9 backport to F7/F8 -- Feb 1

All mock users,

     The mock maintainers (Clark, Jesse, me) will upgrade mock in F7/F8 to current 0.9 on/around Feb 1.

     The mock 0.9 branch has brewed in rawhide since early Dec, and so far it looks good. The 0.9 branch is now being used on the official build systems, so if there were any major problems, we would expect to have hit them by now.

     The *only* difference between 0.8.<latest> and 0.9.<latest> at this point is that we have dropped the old mock setuid wrapper and now use the consolehelper subsystem. For this, you will notice new /etc/pam.d/mock, /etc/consolehelper/mock files which configure mock. The default config is set up to operate exactly the same as the old 0.8 branch: ie. you must be a member of the 'mock' group to run mock. Additionally, with consolehelper comes one new feature: if you are not in the 'mock' group, you will be prompted to enter the root password and it will run. This means you can run mock without worrying about any pre-setup.


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