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Re: Cristian Balint seems to be a non-responsive maintainer

>>>>> "BC" == Balint Cristian  writes:


BC> Yes I will do it!


Good to hear that you're back!  I rebuilt grass/gdal stack on rawhide
in your absence.  

BC>  I allready submitted "Owner Change" request , CVS+ flag rised up,
BC> crossed fingers for cvs admins, once someone grant final ownership
BC> rezso rdsor ro instead of cbalint redhat com than I will proceeed
BC> with maintainace immediatly.

If you've been away for a while, you may not be aware that now all
package maintainer requests are now done via PackageDB:


If you have your old FAS password for cbalint, you could login and
orphan the package yourself, then relogin with your new one and
reclaim them.  If you can't login with your old FAS password, you'll
have to get an admin to orphan them manually, then you can reclaim
then again with your new FAS password.

BC>  I am very interested in these packages, must confess these now
BC> are part of may day-to-day life/development as the most of the
BC> most used tool. Sorry for the private duplicates of this mail, I
BC> was puzzled on how to get once more sponsorship for my outside
BC> account, thanks goes to Jesse K. for leading me on the sponsorship
BC> issue.

Excellent, also if you could keep ACLs on your packages open (done
recently by spot) (i.e. allow commits from other Fedora maintainers by
keeping the "cvsextras" checkbox checked) that would be of great help.

BC> BTW, If no one pick up fftw2+libdap let me know, i am interested
BC> to pick it, just let me know where to follow up with it. I am
BC> reasoning on the pick up idea that gdal+GIS suite use fftw2+libdap
BC> in a very intrinsic manner, but I know many other packages are
BC> olso using it.

BC> Thanks to Lubo to get this mail in my attention.


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