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Re: Fwd: closing out old bugs of unmaintained releases

On Sat January 5 2008, Jon Stanley wrote:

> How about finding a common ground?  Placing them in NEEDINFO_REPORTER
> for a week and then auto-close those that are still in that state?

Another idea I have would be to treat bugs depending on the count of open bugs 
tor the component/package. E.g. there are a lot of bugs for F6 and previous 
for some packages (e.g. kernel, anaconda) that also have a lot of open bug 
reports for F7 and later. Here it is very unlikely, that the bug will be 
fixed soon or it is likely, that the bug is already fixed but nobody 
mentioned it / closed the bug. For kernel and anaconda, I guess testing 
whether the bug is still present, needs often special hardware or a special 
setup. Therefore just using needinfo and closing after a timeout may be not 
so bad. Unless we can find the ressources to fix the bugs. Maybe this allows 
to reduce the amount of open bugs to a smaller number, that allows to review 
them manually by a team to find out, whether they are already fixed and 
adjust the version.

Also there are 1308 Bugs for F6 and earlier already in NEEDINFO state. Here 
closing all bugs that are in this state for, e.g. 3 months or longer, also 
sounds not so bad to me.


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