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Re: rawhide report: bacula/kannel -> mktexlsr ?

>>>>> "CM" == Caolan McNamara <caolanm redhat com> writes:

CM> So, what exactly is the current problem with these two ? Is it
CM> just the mysterious failure of TeX to execute some stuff, i.e.

>>>>> "JT" == Jason L Tibbitts  writes:

JT> Yes, I debugged this the other day.  The problem for bacula is
JT> that latex2html somehow does not properly run texhash in %post,
JT> so nothing can find html.sty.  If you force a texhash it works.
JT> Changing the post scriptlet for latex2html to not use
JT> "/usr/bin/env - /usr/bin/texhash" but to just call texhash
JT> directly works.  I don't know why.

JT> Remove -interaction=batchmode to see errors from latex.

In the bacula case here is the bz (doesn't seem to be an open bug for


Also, bacula has closed ACLs, so nobody can currently rebuild the
package if and when this packaging issue is resolved.  Can somebody
please open them up?


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