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Re: Init : someone could comment this ?

Tanguy Eric wrote:
I just find this
http://www.pardus.org.tr/eng/projeler/comar/SpeedingUpLinuxWithPardus.html maybe it's known but someone could comment this because it seems to gain init time.


There is work being done in this area for Fedora as well. I've been working on a parallel booting system for us that also will provide dbus notifications for the starting of various services. (Hopefully I'll be leading a hackfest at FUDCon in a few days to get a few more eyes and hands on the code).

We have had discussions on this in the past and had similarly decided not to replace the init daemon. We also decided that we wanted to retain compatibility with conventional sysvinit scripts.

As for rewriting some of the scripts themselves in a non-bash language, there may be an advantage. I don't know if I like python in particular for this roll (maybe something like Haskell that has proven to be light and quick as well as nicer to deal with) but python is very entrenched in Fedora, and I believe RPM/YUM still depends on it, so there's a low cost to using it. Bash does a lot by running other programs, and that is a lot of extra IO.

Those are what I see to be the points in the article that are relevant to Fedora. The other elements are interesting, but not directly related to the general aspect of improving boot speed.


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