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Re: Fwd: closing out old bugs of unmaintained releases

Jon Stanley wrote:
On Jan 4, 2008 7:10 PM, Kevin Fenzi <kevin scrye com> wrote:

Yeah, indeed. But I think thats part of the problem.... We get
backloged and the first thought is to do something about the backlog,

The backlog that would be eliminated by this action is about 1/3 of
the currently open Fedora bugs.

but that doesn't really solve the problem, just keeps us in a cycle.
I think we need to look at the entire problem and come up with a full
solution, or at least a full attempted solution.

This is why I'm going to FUDCon, to come up with  a solution with the
maximum amount of community input.  I encourage anyone coming to
FUDCon that has an opinion on this topic to show up and provide their
input  - without community input and buy-in, there's no way that I can
be successful in this effort.

I think there are several problems here:

1. There is a big backlog of bugs that aren't getting attention.

That's why it's necessary to "clear the deck".  To give some current stats:

FC1-FC6 have 3,811 in any status other than CLOSED [1]
F7 has 2073 bugs open [2]
F8 has 2066 bugs open [3]
rawhide has 5638 bugs currently open [4]

I'm looking for a way to search rawhide bugs that have not been
changed since 2007-06-01, however that seems to be a bit of a tall
order with the current bugziila interface - however I have a hunch
that the number is probably about half of the open ones.

The interesting thing here is that MANY of those rawhide bugs are in fact not for current rawhide, and that because there is a lack of rawhide versioning there are many of them that should be closed WONTFIX as well. I had one open bug myself that had been filed as rawhide but not updated since 2004 (I remedied that due to this thread).

I would say that the recent change to rawhide tag rather than devel should have been more thorough and included a rawhide version (pre-F9) for instance. Getting rid of the 3 different -testX versions was good, but rawhide changes and bugs filed against it get left behind.

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