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Re: Why does gdb now give lots of warnings?

Dnia 2008-01-04, o godz. 21:12:58 David Nielsen <david lovesunix net>

> Sounds like a job for PackageKit, look up the path to figure out which
> packages we are missing and offer the user to install the missing debug
> symbols.
I DREAM about gdb stopping at a missing debuginfo, downloading repository
meta-data, proposing downloading of 70 packages and asking me if I want to
continue with the downloading and installing. Especially scripted gdb
incantations will be happy (if you think you don't use any, remember

Please leave gdb to professionals and don't break it with your
(smarter than the user) hacks.

BTW: "yum install /usr/lib/debug..." won't work on the default installation.
You need "yum
install...". That's why debuginfo-install should be taught to understand file
paths as its argument (if it doesn't already).

Also, if you really want to be helpful, tell user to "add-shared-symbol-files"
after he installs debuginfo packages in another shell. If that works, that is,
I've never tested.


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