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Re: Proceedure for package private branches for testing

On Sun January 6 2008, Ian Kent wrote:

> Sometimes when trying to solve a problem I need to add a patch to a
> package, say kernel, and do a build (probably a scratch build) to test
> and possibly have the reporter use it for testing as well.
> So can someone tell me what the proper procedure is for creating a
> private branch for a package in Fedora?

The easiest way I know, is to check out the branch you want to modify in a 
separate directory, patch, run "make srpm" and make a scratch build 
with "koji build --scratch dist-f9 *.src.rpm".

For patching I begin to use
- make prep
- then go into the source directory
- run a cp -a file $file.$description on files I want to patch
- then edit $file
- go back to the directory where the spec is in
- run make patch SUFFIX=$description (or maybe mae patch SUFFIX=.$description)
- add the patch to the spec with %patchXX -b .$description

When the patch needs to adjusted, after running "make prep", there is already 
a $file.$description, and $file is patched, and a "make rediff 
SUFFIX=$description" keeps the comments before the first diff in the patch 


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