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Daniel P. Berrange berrange at
Sun Jan 6 20:19:50 UTC 2008

On Sun, Jan 06, 2008 at 02:42:38PM -0500, Matthew Miller wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 06, 2008 at 05:47:57PM +0100, Enrico Scholz wrote:
> > > Since python is installed on most machines
> > We must have different definitions of "most". My one is ">50%" and your
> > assumption does not hold for my machines:
> Are you seriously suggesting that less than 50% of Fedora systems have yum
> installed?

If you think of a traditional OS install then yum will be common. If you
think of Fedora as a base for creating black box appliances, then yum may
well not be installed at all - whole appliance upgrades are done rather
than individual packages. Likewise if you deploy Fedora in 'stateless'
mode, you're not upgrading packages on individual machines you are instead
generating a new master image. So again yum will not be there.

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