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Re: Init : someone could comment this ?

>>>>> "CD" == Casey Dahlin <cjdahlin ncsu edu> writes:

CD> On that note, is there a packaging requirement now that any new
CD> init scripts must have LSB headers?

Not at this time.

CD> Should there be?

Well, a while back a pile of bugs were filed against everything with
an initscript, people set out to fix their packages and found very
poor documentation and weird corner cases but not a whole lot of
answers to their questions.

If that can be avoided, then fine.  But just making up rules with
nothing to back it up doesn't really work well.  Not to mention that
since initscripts are interdependent, there's actually an ordering
that must be followed when fixing them.  For example, if I require an
SMTP daemon to be running before I can start, what exactly does my
initscript use for Required-Start:?  I can't know that until at least
sendmail and preferably all of sendmail, exim and postfix are fixed

 - J<

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