Init : someone could comment this ?

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Mon Jan 7 05:35:33 UTC 2008

Casey Dahlin <cjdahlin <at>> writes:
> What about busybox? What if we ran all the init scripts under busybox? 
> Its a shell-type environment, its world-famous for being incredibly 
> tiny, it could meet everything.

AFAIK, busybox still forks whereever a regular POSIX shell forks, so if the 
amount of forks is the problem, AFAICT busybox will resolve absolutely nothing.

A shell which emulates POSIX process handling in-process and uses direct 
builtin function calls for commands like sed rather than forking a new process 
(even a new process of itself as busybox appears to be doing) could work, but 
would that be maintainable? And what about parallelism: threads? Pipes and the 
like would also have to be emulated by special-case code to become as efficient 
as a real programming language, which would drive maintainability even further 
down (imagine having to implement memory-to-memory, memory-to-file, 
file-to-memory and file-to-file versions of all tools like sed, grep etc.).

        Kevin Kofler

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