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Re: howto package openoffice.org extensions

On Mon, 2008-01-07 at 04:43 -0700, Alex Lancaster wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestions.   Is the "net.sourceforge.ooolatex"
> something you derived from the webpage, or is that somehow also in the
> .oxt?

Actually I just unopkg add'ed it and then unopkg list --shared and
looked at what was the name of the extra extension listed there to
figure out what OOoLaTeX called itself. I could probably have
alternatively found that out by grovelling through the code.

> Also, in this case it appears that upstream insists on including some
> binaries in the .oxt file (they don't seem to distribute a true
> OS-independent source tarball)
>     21150  11-01-07 12:42   bin/Linuxi386/latex2emf
>     28692  11-01-07 12:43   bin/Linuxppc/latex2emf
>    710928  11-01-07 12:41   lib/i386/libEMF.so.1
>    717884  11-01-07 12:40   lib/ppc/libEMF.so.1
>  --------                   -------
>   1676064                   35 files
> I assume the thing to do in the case is simply remove the files in
> bin/ and lib/ after installing them in the %install section as you
> describe above is the best way to deal with those?

That should work I'd say, assuming that the package hasn't hardcoded
those paths into itself somewhere, pity that the upstream doesn't have a
pure source package but seeing as it just looks like a hack to have
latex2emf available for execution by some starbasic code we'll probably
get away with it.


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