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Re: Is anyone packaging sage?

>>>>> "KK" == Kevin Kofler  writes:


KK> Please tell us of your progress and link to any review requests as
KK> you submit them. If you need help with the dependencies, please
KK> tell us that too.

KK> I think we could really use a Mathematics SIG. Count me as
KK> interested (I'm a PhD student in Mathematics). I think Rex Dieter
KK> is likely to be interested too as he's working as a sysadmin for
KK> the Department of Mathematics at UNL. (Of course we're both
KK> already very busy with KDE SIG matters though. ;-) ) And as the
KK> interest in this thread is showing, there's probably more
KK> potentially interested folks. :-)

SAGE looks very cool and is a potential Mathematica-killer (which
would be a very good thing as Mathematica is one of the most
proprietary apps around and has some of the most expensive license
fees and some of the most draconian per-process licensing terms).

So I'd be interested in helping out too.  We don't have a Mathematics
SIG per se, but there is a SciTech sig:


which is pretty quiet enough as it is, more than 50% of the packages
discussed there are mathematical anyway, so I don't see reason to
create a new separate Mathematics SIG.  I've added a link to SAGE on
that page.  Maybe somebody might like to transfer some of the
discussion here to a subpage of SciTech.


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