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Re: Init : someone could comment this ?

Lennart Poettering <mzerqung 0pointer de> writes:

> Everytime I hear someone mentioning initng I get a headache.
> They got almost everything wrong you can get wrong in an init
> system.

ack; they had bad code quality which was tried to be solved with stupid
ideas like a garbage collector, or now they are back at (ba)sh based

But ideas like declarative init"scripts", the use/require concept are a
real improvement compared with SysV init.

> The kept the worst things from SysV (such as numerical "runlevels"), and
> added the worst things they could find in other people's software. Like
> the braindeadness to make everything a shared object, including stuff like
> executing chdir(). Can you believe that?

Yes; its like the basearchonly plugin of yum or the tab-mix-plus plugin
of firefox.  More or less trivial stuff and used by most people, but
author does not want it in code base.


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