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Re: GPG Keysigning at FUDCon - INSTRUCTIONS

On Monday 07 January 2008, Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:
> >>>>> "PWF" == Paul W Frields <stickster gmail com> writes:
> PWF> If I may be so bold, last time we did this, a very small
> PWF> proportion of attendees actually sent around signed keys.
> Yeah, I found that I got back home, got busy putting out fires and
> such (plus my wife decided that we should buy a new car on the way
> home from the airport) and I ended up forgetting what I was supposed
> to do to do all of the signing.
> I haven't sent my key info in this time out of embarrassment.
>  - J<

I missed the gpg session last time sine i had to do the EPEL presentation.  
however  it would be good to get some of it done while there.  perhaps we 
could have the session at a time by itself.  at the beginning or end of the 


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