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PostgreSQL Conference East: Call for papers


I know it is not strictly Fedora related, but if any of you folks are PostgreSQL freaks, I know the conference would appreciate your involvement.

-- begin standard email --

PostgreSQL Conference East is being held on the weekend of March 29th
and 30th, 2008 in College Park, Maryland. The conference will have a
series of talks, mini-tutorials and tutorials and we are now accepting

If you are a third pary vendor, PostgreSQL developer, PostgreSQL
consultant, DBA, or just a user who really does cool stuff, you need to
submit a talk, or tutorial.

Do you know how to get that last 20 transactions per second out of an
array using adaptive readahead? Maybe you know more about Autovacuum
than you ever care to admit? Perhaps you recently deployed a large
scale Grails app with PostgreSQL...

Now is your time to share, learn and participate in the community!
Submit your talk at:

http://www.postgresqlconference.org/talk_submission/ .

PostgreSQL Conference East is part of the PostgreSQL Community
Conference series. All proceeds from the conferences are donations to
PostgreSQL via the non-profit Software in the Public Interest a U.S.


Joshua D. Drake

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