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Re: Bruttaly sluggish Eclipse performance in remote X

Dimi Paun writes:
 > On Tue, 2008-01-08 at 13:36 +0000, Andrew Haley wrote:
 > > Ah, OK.  Well, I don't see that happen at all.
 > This is excellent! (I mean, it gives me hope :))
 > >  > As an aside, I've logged in to the local box via the Chooser
 > >  > (i.e.remotely), and while things are OK (except for Eclipse),
 > >  > they are not pretty:
 > >  >   * Sound broke in strange ways. Even for me it was darn confusing
 > >  >     given that sound was working just before the login.
 > >  >   * Performance in general is sluggish to the point of being
 > >  >     annoying. For example, switching tabs in any GTK app
 > >  >     (say System | Administration | Login Window) has a noticeable
 > >  >     latency, I'd say close to 1s.
 > > 
 > > Right, so I agree, you're looking for timeouts on the remote box.
 > I must note that these are pristine F8 installations, I just went
 > into gdmsetup and enabled XDMCP business (again, is it just me, or
 > from the default "Fedora Infinity" there is no way to get to the
 > Chooser to login to a different box?).
 > Is there anyway I can debug this in any way? I'd say this is a major
 > regression for Fedora that needs addressing, I'm willing to lend a
 > hand :)

Well, ATM we don't know anyone but you has ever seen this.

Let's go through things, one at a time,

Do you get good performance on the local display of both boxes ?

Do you get good neatwork throughput between boxes?

What is the ping time betewwn boxes?


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