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Re: Review swaps

>>>>> "JJ" == Jerry James <loganjerry gmail com> writes:

JJ> I don't know that I'm sufficiently experienced with Java packaging
JJ> to be helpful, but I've had a lot of experience with
JJ> pedanticalness. Surely that qualifies me for writing guidelines!
JJ> :-)

Yes, we on the packaging committee are positiviously ecstaticised by

I guess what needs to happen, in the absence of the board persuading
Red Hat management to allocate a few Java-wizard-hours, is that those
who know just enough to be dangerous work on a few packages, hammer
out some potentially dumb guidelines, beg for answers to the tough
questions from folks who understand them.  And finally, be prepared to
quite possibly be flamed for making a set of bad guidelines by people
who might just spend more time composing the flames than they would
have spent helping us write guidelines they wouldn't have felt the
need to flame.

So I'll be the reviewer.  I'll need two or three simple packages and
one more complicated one, preferably by multiple submitters who are
willing to respond to input, plus some packages already in the distro
to look at.  Obviously that includes at least one of yours.  From
there we can get a handle on what these packages need to do, where
files need to go, and what rpmlint complaints come up.

This is almost certainly an after-fudcon thing, unless some folks at
fudcon want to sit down and bang something out.

 - J<

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