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Re: Init : someone could comment this ?

Till Maas <opensource till name> writes:

>> | kill(pid, SIGTERM); /* wait for timeout/sigchld */ kill(pid, SIGKILL);
> Imho there is some code missing, that the pid really belongs to the
> service,

no; as already written, modern initsystems use non-forking daemons where
such checks are not needed anymore.

> e.g. when the service died/crashed and the pid file still exists

pidfiles are ancient hacks not required by modern initsystems anymore.

> , a wrong process can be killed here. Also I guess it would be better
> to first try to SIGTERM the all services that should be terminated,
> then wait, and then send the SIGKILL instead of waiting for each
> process independently.

stop sequence happens in reverted order and can be done in parallel, but
there must by synchronization points (e.g. 'httpd' + 'ftpd' -> sync ->
'udhcpc' -> sync -> 'udevd')


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