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Re: Help with packaging tmispell-voikko (Ispell compatible Finnish spellchecking )

Kevin Kofler kirjoitti:
> Ville-Pekka Vainio <vpivaini <at> cs.helsinki.fi> writes:
> > To get the ball rolling regarding tmispell-voikko, I have submitted a
> > review request here:
> > <https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=427824>.
> >
> > This Spec/SRPM doesn't try to do any ispell integration yet, hopefully
> > I'll get some help on that later.
> I attached a patch which adds support for tmispell to kdelibs3 (KSpell) to
> the bug report. KDE 4 and KSpell2 in kdelibs3 (with my FeatureDictionary
> patch) don't need any patching nor ispell hackery as they use enchant. Most
> GNOME stuff these days also uses enchant, partly thanks to the
> FeatureDictionary work. Any app which tries to call ispell, hunspell,
> aspell or whatever directly will need some patching though if we use that
> approach.

Thanks! Now I'm just waiting for a review ;)

As far as I know, Voikko has no aspell or hunspell support. As the Voikko main 
developer suggested, we could add ispell support to Fedora in the following 
way: /usr/bin/ispell in Fedora is a shell script, so we could make it call 
tmispell whenever it's called with the Finnish language.

The ispell script is in the aspell package, which is maintained by Ivana 
Varekova. What's generally the best approach here, contacting her directly or 
submitting a feature request against aspell in Bugzilla?

If we can get this change into the ispell script, then the KDE patch wouldn't 
necessarily be needed, I guess that depends on how well the ispell thing 
would work.

> Oh, in case somebody asks why Finnish isn't using hunspell (which is what
> we're trying to standardize on in Fedora): I don't believe there is any
> working Finnish dictionary for hunspell. The one on the OO.o dictionary
> page is a dummy empty dictionary. And given that Finnish has complex
> agglutinative grammar, a simple word list definitely won't cut it. So I
> trust the folks who actually speak Finnish to know what they're doing in
> this context. ;-)

Actually, the Voikko project initially started as Hunspell-fi, but the 
developers decided to switch to a Malaga/Suomi-malaga based approach, mostly 
because it works better and was less work for them. Those who are interested 
in Voikko may want to read this: 

As you mentioned OpenOffice, there is also a Voikko extension for OpenOffice 
and I'm interested in packaging that too. I'll probably discuss that in it's 
own thread once I'll have atleast a preliminary spec file done.

Ville-Pekka Vainio

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