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Re: Fwd: closing out old bugs of unmaintained releases

Andrew Farris said the following on 01/05/2008 04:42 PM Pacific Time:

The interesting thing here is that MANY of those rawhide bugs are in fact not for current rawhide, and that because there is a lack of rawhide versioning there are many of them that should be closed WONTFIX as well. I had one open bug myself that had been filed as rawhide but not updated since 2004 (I remedied that due to this thread).

Yes, this should be part of the clean-up proposal--closing rawhide bugs before a certain date.

I would say that the recent change to rawhide tag rather than devel should have been more thorough and included a rawhide version (pre-F9) for instance. Getting rid of the 3 different -testX versions was good, but rawhide changes and bugs filed against it get left behind.

It was discussed on fedora-test-list at the time of the change of the bugzilla versions.

Most seemed to be in agreement that going forward, at the GA of each new release, the version of all existing rawhide bugs would be mass changed to the GA version. For example, for the upcoming release, open rawhide bugs at the time of GA we would changed to Fedora 9. This would have a few benefits as we go forward for each release:
  1) encourage the closing of rawhide bugs that qualify
2) anchor the remaining rawhide bugs to the closest GA release so there is a marker in the future as to when they were reported.


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