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Re: Init : someone could comment this ?

Les Mikesell wrote:
Rudolf Kastl wrote:

They got almost everything wrong you can get wrong in an init
system. The kept the worst things from SysV (such as numerical
What do you mean with numerical runlevels? does "default" for the
standard runlevel look "numerical" to you?
Yes, where it is defined in the 'id' line in inittab. And if it doesn't
stay that way, all of the machines I manage will crash and burn.
inittab is sysV init config file... it has nothing to do with initng ;)

OK, that's a good reason not to use it, then.

i dont get your logic...

People running fedora will expect to use sysV style init configuration to control it.

great. Maybe we should move back to KDE 1, since a lot of people got used to that at the beginning. :( In fact we don't offer compatibility with the abacus. I'm sure computers alienated a lot of abacus users way back when, maybe we could do something about that.

Interfaces change. We like to keep them the same but snapping the reigns and yelling "giddyup" just isn't a suitable control mechanism for a car. A new init system is likely going to have properties that inittab isn't capable of expressing. Users will have to learn. Anyone manually editing text config files is comfortable enough to handle the changes.


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