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Re: Mass rebuild status with gcc-4.3.0-0.4 of rawhide-20071220

On Sunday 06 January 2008, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski <dominik <at> greysector.net> writes:
> > What are we supposed to do after getting a failing package to build with
> > gcc-4.3? Just commit the fix to CVS/devel or tag and build the updated
> > package, too? If there's going to be a mass rebuild with gcc-4.3, I don't
> > see any value in building the fixed package until gcc-4.3 hits rawhide,
> > just wasted mirrors' bandwith.
> Building the fixed package right now allows doing automated/scripted mass
> rebuilds, which may well be the method used when GCC 4.3 actually hits
> Rawhide. It is also useful for the on-the-side mass rebuilds like the one
> Jakub did.

Just committing to CVS (and perhaps tagging, but not building) would have the 
same benefit.  Assuming of course that these mass rebuilds operate on CVS 
(last tagged version, or scripted bump+tag+build) and not the SRPMS tree.

> This is Rawhide, I think you really don't have to worry about not pushing
> rebuilds which aren't absolutely needed.

If I was using or mirroring Rawhide, I wouldn't appreciate this mindset at 

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