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PPC needs lots more stack space in rawhide??

I'm having a tough time trying to get mysql rebuilt in rawhide: the ppc
build keeps failing like this:

Normally what a failure in execution_constants means is that the
configuration constant STACK_MIN_SIZE has to be increased, because the
error-recovery code needs more stack space than it did before.  We have
for years had to run that a bit higher than what mysql.com ships, but up
to now 16384 has worked fine across all arches (all 7 redhat arches,
not just Fedora).  Sometime since 13 Dec 2007, however, the behavior
of the ppc arch changed in rawhide, and now even boosting the number
by 50% (to 24K) doesn't persuade it to work.  I could try larger
numbers, at the cost of also increasing DEFAULT_THREAD_STACK which
is a pretty user-visible number.  I am wondering if this isn't a bug
in rawhide, though.  Has gcc started making PPC stack frames a lot
larger than before?  Maybe glibc has gotten more stack-hungry?  I'd
guess on the problem being in gettext() or related code, if it is a
glibc change, but I haven't tracked it down exactly.

I can't prove at the moment that the problem affects *only* PPC, but
given that that build always dies first it seems pretty likely.

If anyone has a clue what to look at, I'd appreciate it.

			regards, tom lane

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