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Re: hunspell dictionaries, what's "missing"

Caolan McNamara kirjoitti:
> Yeah, I saw that. Unfortunately I'm just not qualified to know what
> blocks hunspell from supporting Finnish, but I'm surprised that it is
> the case given that hunspell was written to handle Hungarian which I
> thought was similarly agglunatively complicated as Finnish. :-(

I don't have that much knowledge on the theory of Finnish language or spell 
checking either, I just pretty much have an itch to scratch here since I'd 
like to use Voikko with Fedora.

I believe the main reason for not using hunspell is suomi-malaga, which I've 
packaged in Fedora as malaga-suomi-voikko. It is less work for the relatively 
small number of developers and in some cases it works better than hunspell 
would. More information is at 

> "extension" is the word of the moment FWIW. wrt. the extensions, follow
> the scheme at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/OpenOffice.org for
> installing it. And I added the required -sdk packages some time ago to
> enable building the voikko extension, so it should be fairly
> straightforward to follow the opensuse example for the same package I
> think.

Thanks for adding the SDK and also for the documentation on the wiki. I'll 
probably ask for help on this list if I encounter some issues I can't solve 

Ville-Pekka Vainio

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