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Re: ctrlproxy

(cc dwmw2, fedora-devel)

Josh Boyer wrote:

I'd like to import the latest version of ctrlproxy because
3.0.2 randomly crashes every few days of operation.

Odd, I've been running it without problems for quite a while.

Hmmm... Must be something specific to my configuration, then.
I'm thinking x86_64, or the fact that I connect through 2 xchat
clients all the time.  Or irssi-style logging.

Additionally, I wrote an initscript to run ctrlproxy
as a daemon.  Would you approve such a change to the package?

Oh, interesting.

I've scratch-built a candidate RPM for you to try:


It includes both ctrlproxy-3.0.5 and the daemonization work.
I'm also cc'ing dwmw2 because I know he uses ctrlproxy and
may like to test this new version.

Could you open a bug in bugzilla and attach a patch there?  (Or point
to the SRPM from there.)  I'd certainly be interested in the changes.

Unfortunately, I could never catch ctrlproxy 3.0.3 crashing
when I had enabled coredumps with ulimit.  Since I upgraded
to 3.0.5, I've not yet seen another crash.

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