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Re: Install of FC8 stack trace on Thinkpad T43


doh, sorry... that was a fat-finger send on my part. meant to send to the regular fedora list.

looking into the respins now, thanks for the heads up!


Christopher Brown wrote:
Hi Harry,

On 09/01/2008, Harry Hoffman <hhoffman ip-solutions net> wrote:
Hi All,

Wondering if anyone has run across this problem:

I'm attempting to install FC8 on a IBM Thinkpad T43. The DVD boots just
fine, I select to Install (in either GUI or text mode). Various kernel
modules are loaded and then the install dies with a stack trace.

At first I thought it was a memory issue, so I ran the mem test from the
DVD but everything passed. Then I thought that perhaps the DVD was
somehow damaged so I ran the test to check the media, that was fine too.

Oddly enough FC7 installs without issue.

Fedora-devel isn't really the place for this. Can you bugzilla this
and CC me in if you like. Firstly though take a look at:



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