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Re: Mass rebuild status with gcc-4.3.0-0.4 of rawhide-20071220

> I'm most interested in Pre-ISO header issues, and the dep streamlining
> fallout. This part seems to be actually pretty minor, which is
> encouraging to me.

More formal analysis of the header dep fails:

7 fails for iostream.h
1 fail for fstream.h

The rest of these pre-iso.h removals have no impact. I see


Already being dealt with at the (auto) conf level (although usage of
these is minor, at one each).

I'll work on fixing up the above 8 errors.

I see the libsigc++ and boost fallout for the name lookup changes as
impacting a lot of packages filed as header dep: I'll work on fixing
these two up first and then the rest of the issues will become much
easier to see.

> I'm going to organize some of your build info (esp changed
> warning/errors in compilation)  with some data I have from Debian, and
> put it up on the gcc website in the form of a Porting to gcc-4.3 wiki
> page. I will send link as soon as it's up. 

This is temporarily at:


While I wait for approval to put it



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