Fedora too cutting edge?

Will Woods wwoods at redhat.com
Wed Jan 9 19:49:24 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-01-09 at 19:45 +0100, Hans de Goede wrote:
> Hi All,
> One of the few reasons why Fedora is my distro of choice is because its usually 
> cutting edge, and I like to be where the development is happening.
> However today I've had an encounter with Fedora which make me wonder if 
> sometimes we aren't a little too cutting edge. I tried to get an industrial 
> firewire camera to work with the stock Fedora kernel using the juju stack. Long 
> story short, it didn't work.
> Which after reading: http://wiki.linux1394.org/JujuMigration Isn't really 
> surprising, quoting that page: "Almost no support for IIDC cameras: Not 
> compatible with libdc1394 v1. Highly experimental support in libdc1394 v2 which 
> works with some luck on only a few OHCI 1.1 controllers. Improvements are to be 
> expected in Linux 2.6.25-rc1."
> Notice how a preliminary fix is expected for 2.6.25, which probably means that 
> this will still be broken in Fedora 9, notice that the breakage was introduced 
> in Fedora 7, so thats 18 months worth of broken firewire camera support (iow 
> most digital video cameras). Add to that that the above referenced wiki page 
> also says: "Regarding Linux 2.6.22 and 2.6.23, the best advice to Linux 
> distributors (kernel packagers) ... is: Build only the old IEEE 1394 drivers."

libdc1394 isn't part of Fedora, so that's outside the scope of this

As for the necessary Juju bits, they're already in Fedora 7 and Fedora
8. See this bug: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=344851

That fix is included in kernel,, and
rawhide. It'll hit the *upstream* kernel in 2.6.25.

We were able to write that fix *because* the Juju stack was available in

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