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Andrew Farris lordmorgul at
Wed Jan 9 20:34:00 UTC 2008

Horst H. von Brand wrote:
> What is missing IMVHO is the ability of handling service dependencies, but
> that one is very tricky. For example, it mostly makes no sense to run a
> mail/web/... server if there is no network, but the minority of cases where
> it does make sense is sizeable nonetheless. And trying to cater for both
> cases rapidly gets to be an unmanageable mess.

What should be discussed are only serious *requirements* in the init scripts 
dependencies.  In the example you gave here it makes no sense to prevent the web 
server from running because of no network because it could serve a purpose and 
it does function that way (and can be turned off if the user did not want it 
running).  A dependency should be only what is absolutely required for basic 
functionality so that if it is turned on it has the *capability of starting*. 
It should be a much more manageable mess when the bare bones basics are figured out.

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