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Re: Init : someone could comment this ?

On Wed, 09.01.08 17:36, G.Wolfe Woodbury (ggw wolves durham nc us) wrote:

> >> What happens in practice, though, is that things that expect network
> >> services to be running will do DNS lookups, hanging for minutes at at
> >> time when there is no response.
> > 
> > Looks like a good way to identify bugs to me... the DNS hang needs
> > fixed, not worked around.
> One major help would be for Fedora to _not_ mangle the localhost line in
> /etc/hosts.  This has casued me several headaches until I learned to
> remove the local realname from the default localhost line.
> Sure, its not technically incorrect, but its not nice when you've got
> static addresses on a LAN.

Although this is totally off-topic: I still think the proper fix is
something like this:


I wrote that a while back. Maybe someone wants to dust this off and
get it into Fedora and activated by default?

This saved me a couple of times on embedded boxes, where each of the
devices used a different hostname and I had to guarantee that the
hostname stayed resolvable in all cases, with a ro root directory.


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