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Re: Init : someone could comment this ?

Andrew Farris wrote:

And in the case of a laptop, it is fairly likely that you'll want to suspend it on one network (wired/wireless or both) and wake it up on something different.

I can understand that as a real complication, but again thats (IMO) something different than a web server which can work quite well without a network. The point I was making is that there may be hard and fast requirements, and there may be 'would be nice' situations... and the init scripts should only be guaranteed to give the requirement in a parallelized booting sequence. Beyond that, the other issues need fixed so that for instance the service DOES start listening when the link goes active later, rather than blocking or delaying the service from starting at boot time.

Init doesn't need to have much of a part in this but there probably are cases where an ordered sequence of initialization steps need to be managed even if the lower level things are smarter about events. At the moment, I don't think a static IP address or routes through it go away if a link goes down - in fact, it may not even be necessary for them to be assigned which is fairly clearly wrong and likely to cause trouble for newly noticed DHCP assigned interfaces.

  Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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