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Re: Fedora too cutting edge?

Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora <at> leemhuis.info> writes:
> See below. But actually I think we here and there are not even cutting
> edge enough; we for example left users on Firefox2 for FC6 for about 7
> months until we shipped F7 -- that looked totally odd for a distribution
> that is curring edge in most other areas.

I didn't quite understand the rationale there either. At least Remi Collet made 
a great job making Firefox 2 available for FC6 in his repo.

> Another example: hplip is still on 2.7.7 for F8 right now while upstream
> is at 2.7.12 in between and supports 22 new printers (
> http://hplip.sourceforge.net/release_notes.html ). We don't provide any
> solutions for users that buy those printers right now besides using
> rawhide. Thus they have to wait/ask for a proper update or wait until F9
> or -- the latter means waiting about 6 months for driver. That's IMHO
> unacceptable -- especially as printer manufacturers release successor
> models quite often (it feels to me like a new successor model get
> released in each printer class about once a year, but I didn't check).

With HP printers, usually the successor model works just fine if you pass it 
off as its predecessor.

        Kevin Kofler

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