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Re: Impending X driver deprecation

Adam Jackson wrote:
I'm grinding through porting the various X drivers to the new server
APIs, and I'm taking the opportunity to clean house a bit.  Here's what
I'm planning:

The ark, chips, s3, and tseng drivers are going away.  These are all
really boring early PCI chipsets that don't even have a 3d engine.  They
should be adequately serviced by the vesa driver.  (Note that there are
three drivers for the various S3 cards: s3, s3virge, and savage.  s3 is
for the old pre-Virge chips, 968 and Trio and friends.  s3virge and
savage are not being dropped.)

Sorry for not properly replying to the top post, I already deleted it when I thought of this.

I used to be the happy owner of a couple of s3 864 and trio64 cards back in the days, and I'm afraid the contigency plan of moving these over to vesa will not work. There BIOS's did not have vesa support, you needed to load a vesa driver (tsr) under dos to be able to use the vesa modes from dos programs. I still remember being amazed by some of the later cards actually having vesa in the bios, but those early cards did _not_ have vesa support in the bios.



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