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Package updater


Why in name of all that is good do we have this silly
small dialogs that are close to impossible to use?!?

This is annoying beyond belief.

In the package updater (the one that comes up when you
get a notification that updates are available), the 
"Details" window is just a *few* pixels in height!!!

To use the darn thing, I have to always:
  * enter my root password (why oh why?)
  * open the details (why not have them open by default?)
  * resize the window to be wider (why not use the screen size?)

To add insult to injury, when there are errors
(or additional deps required), I have a tiny dialog
popup, with "details". so I have to:
  * click to open the details (again, should be open
    by default, they are always interesting)
  * resize the dialog to a decent size, or else everything
    is unreadable

This has been like this for a long time. In terms of UI,
it is brutal (the textual interface is way nicer). Is it
just me that finds this so offensive?

Dimi Paun <dimi lattica com>
Lattica, Inc.

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