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Re: IIDC camera's and the juju firewirestack

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Hans de Goede wrote:
> In the thread I started about Fedora perhaps being to cutting edge, it
> was said that I shouldn't complain as there is only one problem left
> with the juju stack which is a bug with via vt6306 cards in OHCI 1.0 cards.

Oh, there's definitely more than one problem left... :)

> Further analysis of the problem has learned that this is not true, I'm
> using a via vt6306 card in OHCI 1.1 mode, which allegedly should work fine.

The particular bug is actually related to vt6306 and vt6307 cards in OHCI 1.0
mode doing dv capture. iidc is much less tested. I already know where at least
a few of the iidc-related OHCI 1.0 bugs are, but they shouldn't be impacting
you... I've also got an idea or two on what's up with dv capture, just need to
get the spare cycles to test (which could happen shortly, just finished a
major piece of lirc...)

> However most documents talk about using the juju stack with either
> harddisks or DV for homevideo camera's. However I'm trying to use an
> industrial cam which used the IIDC protocol, and support in the new juju
> stack (kernel + userspace) for the IIDC protocol isn't very good.

I believe David Moore's patch in linux1394-2.6.git[*] should help, and it
looks like that also needs to be ported over to the OHCI 1.0 code paths...

> As the consensus from the other thread seems to be that having 2
> parallel stacks is not a good plan, I have decided to spend some time to
> get the IIDC situation with the juju stack improved. However I'm pretty
> new to all this, so I will need a couple of pointers to get me up to speed.

Awesome, we definitely need more help. Neither krh nor I is able to spend
quite as much time on juju as we'd like right now...

> I've been testing with the grab_gray_image example from libdc1394-2.0.0.
> The problem is that it hangs at the dc1394_capture_dequeue(camera,
> DC1394_CAPTURE_POLICY_WAIT, &frame) call.
> The camera does seem to be sending data, as its activity led is flickering.
> Any clues for further debugging this would be much appreciated

That git patch would be the first step. I'll look at doing similar for OHCI
1.0, as well as testing out an idea I had wrt dv capture on OHCI 1.0...

> shall I put this in bugzilla?

Might as well. Some of it is already there, but nothing iidc-specific yet.

> If so against which component?

I'd file it against kernel, but assign it to me and cc krh redhat com and
fenlason redhat com 


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Jarod Wilson
jwilson redhat com

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