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Re: IIDC camera's and the juju firewirestack

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Jarod Wilson wrote:
> Hans de Goede wrote:
>> In the thread I started about Fedora perhaps being to cutting edge, it
>> was said that I shouldn't complain as there is only one problem left
>> with the juju stack which is a bug with via vt6306 cards in OHCI 1.0 cards.
> Oh, there's definitely more than one problem left... :)
>> Further analysis of the problem has learned that this is not true, I'm
>> using a via vt6306 card in OHCI 1.1 mode, which allegedly should work fine.
> The particular bug is actually related to vt6306 and vt6307 cards in OHCI 1.0
> mode doing dv capture. iidc is much less tested. I already know where at least
> a few of the iidc-related OHCI 1.0 bugs are, but they shouldn't be impacting
> you... I've also got an idea or two on what's up with dv capture, just need to
> get the spare cycles to test (which could happen shortly, just finished a
> major piece of lirc...)
>> However most documents talk about using the juju stack with either
>> harddisks or DV for homevideo camera's. However I'm trying to use an
>> industrial cam which used the IIDC protocol, and support in the new juju
>> stack (kernel + userspace) for the IIDC protocol isn't very good.
> I believe David Moore's patch in linux1394-2.6.git[*] should help, and it
> looks like that also needs to be ported over to the OHCI 1.0 code paths...

Nope, looks like he's already done that too. As I said in another thread, I'm
going to try to start tracking the linux1394 git tree in rawhide, and
selectively pull back patches into released kernels. David's done a lot of
excellent work of late while I was busy not paying attention, due to the
holidays and other misc stuff (lirc, ia64 xen, ecryptfs, ext4...)

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Jarod Wilson
jwilson redhat com

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